So I was screwing around with Android app hacking and I figured the Snapchat App for Android would be a cool read. While I was originally more interested in reversing the app and making a script to automate Snapchat it turns out someone has already done it:

Dang it!

The process was no a complete waste however, as I stumbled upon something very weird…

Note: To get this source for yourself you’ll need to get the Snapchat APK. Then use dex2jar to create a .jar file, now you can use a Java Decompiler to view the source (in Java). This is possible because Java compiles into bytecode (an intermediary language) and not into machine code.

If you check under the “ui” package:


You’ll notice this:



Here is the weird code I’ve found:

To make things even more weird it’s not reference or used anywhere!

Seriously. It’s just a random class that’s never actually used anywhere:

Not sure what to think about this, I’ve put it here to see if anyone else reverses the Snapchat app and Googles this code ;). If you are reversing the code and have more info please let me know in the comments or personally as I’m interested as to why this is here at all.

Until next time,