hack you 2014 CTF Writeup – Winning PHPwning Web400 the Wrong Way

This is a story about how I won hack you 2014’s Web 400 challenge the wrong way.


Using only this part of the code I was able to get the key:

include 'config.php';
include 'classes.php';
$action = (isset($_REQUEST['action'])) ? $_REQUEST['action'] : 'View';
$param = (isset($_REQUEST['param'])) ? $_REQUEST['param'] : 'index';
$page = new $action($param);
echo $page;

thought the correct answer had to do with using an internal PHP class and passing it a single argument.

So I searched through the PHP docs for a class with the following:

  • valid/useful toString method
  • requires only one input
  • native on all PHP installs

After my eyes starting bleeded I had two pretty usable internal classes:

With SplFileObject I can read the first line of any file I specify – which is pretty neat but turned out to be unneeded. As it turns out GlobIterator was good enough to win this challenge.

After doing the following I found the key just sitting in the root directory (waiting for me, daww):


Which gave me:


But why?

GlobIterator will return the first file in a directory if you just pass it a path as a single argument. This is neat because I can enumerate all files in a directory by doing:*&action=GlobIterator*&action=GlobIterator*&action=GlobIterator


Until I find all files in a directory.

I didn’t have to actually write that script because ASCII ‘C’ was first before other files so it just worked with “param=/*”

There’s probably a lesson here about unintended features or something but I’m too tired to think of it.

It was only afterwards that I was told this wasn’t the actually way to do it. Oops!

Matthew Bryant (mandatory)

Matthew Bryant (mandatory)
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