Using the word “unhackable” is generally considered a bad ideaTM due to this being a largely unobtainable feat with software. In this post I attempt to get as close to “unhackable” as possible with my own personal blog (the one you’re reading right now). I have designed the process in such a way that it… Read More

After installing the WordPress plugin “WP-DB-Backup” found at I saw some insecure looking practices being taken when it came to storing the created backups. At the time of this writing there is just over two million downloads of this plugin and it has a rating of 3.8/5 stars. The reason I’m posting this however,… Read More

EDIT: Never had a post with so much split between loving/hating it. I’m enjoying all the constructive criticism though so I guess it’s a win/win either way. A while ago, after discovering that a popular hacking site was hosting backdoor scripts that were themselves backdoored, I began to think about how someone would backdoor some… Read More