Recently I took a stab at auditing a popular Firefox addon NoScript, which is fairly well known among the netsec and privacy community due to its bold functionality of blocking active content¬†such as Flash, Java, and JavaScript on all sites by default. My goal was simply to bypass the addon when it’s been installed with… Read More

Earlier I made a post calling out the wrong people for backdooring the C99.php shell hosted on They look to possibly be only exploiting an already existing vulnerability in the C99 shell. The truth is the C99 shell is just plain backdoored.¬†I’d apologize but the JavaScript tracking on their distributed shells is still pretty… Read More

After reading about the Cryptorbit Decryptor malware on I did a bit of investigating of the .onion domain (http://4sfxctgp53imlvzk.onion) Let me just say I think these malware authors are the scum of the earth. More so than regular malware authors because they have, and continue to, put honest businesses out of work due to… Read More